SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disability

Our vision is to improve the life chances of all our children and young people whatever their backgrounds, skills and capabilities. We are committed to and value everyone within our Partnership. Our ambition is to provide the best education we can, enabling our children and young people to become responsible, independent members of society. The Partnership is committed to all through education, firmly believing that a love of learning should be nurtured from a very young age and that the traditional phases of education should be integrated to secure continuity, progression and high standards.

In the Castle Partnership Academy Trust, we strongly believe that through quality teaching all children can be challenged through their learning to make their best progress. While planning the different learning challenges at all key stages, we ensure that the needs of all pupils and students are met through concise planning and differentiation.

However, on some occasions some of our learners will need to access additional support to that which is available in the classroom day to day. This may be to support with their next steps in learning or to help them access the curriculum effectively. This provision maybe in the classroom or in small groups led by a teacher, learning intervention officer or a learning assistant. It may be for a short or longer period of time and will be regularly monitored by the class teacher and SENCo by measuring the progress being made by the pupils. Parents and the child or young person will be consulted and informed about the interventions offered and how they are making progress.

If a learner’s needs are significantly greater than those of their peers, or if they have a disability which may hinder their educational progress and attainment, then they are considered to have a Special Educational Need.

Special Educational Needs can be categorised as difficulties with;

  • Communicational and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Sensory and/or physical

At the Castle Partnership Academy Trust, those children who are considered to have a Special Educational Need will receive support on top of what is provided within the classroom alongside differentiated learning opportunities to meet their needs. They will, in addition, have a Support and Success plan which will be shared with parents and the pupil regularly with the class teacher, and where appropriate, the SENCo.

The Castle Partnership Academy Trust SEND Team

Mrs V Horne Mrs K Feakes Mrs S Meechan
Assistant Head of School – For Intervention and Inclusion SENCo SENCo
Castle Manor Academy Place Farm Primary Academy Burton End Primary Academy
Tel 01440 705501 Tel 01440 702836 Tel 01440 702376


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