Welcome to the Castle Partnership Academy Trust. Our vision is to improve the life chances of all our children and young people whatever their backgrounds, skills and capabilities.

Our schools are Burton End Primary Academy, Castle Manor Academy and Place Farm Primary Academy. We are situated close together in the town of Haverhill, Suffolk, near to the borders of both Essex and Cambridgeshire.

The Partnership is committed to all through education, firmly believing that a love of learning should be nurtured from a very young age and that the traditional phases of education should be integrated to secure continuity, progression and high standards.

We know how crucial outstanding teaching is and aim to provide a rich, relevant, bespoke curriculum and experiences that promote outstanding learning, achievement and excellent attitudes to learning.

The Castle Partnership Academy Trust understands how vital it is for our pupils and students to attain high levels of literacy and mathematical knowledge. We focus on putting in place the best teaching strategies in order to secure high standards of literacy and numeracy.

Promoting young peoples’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and their physical well-being is a key priority for us. We want all of our pupils and students to have high aspirations and to thrive in a supportive, highly cohesive learning community.

We focus relentlessly on high expectations for everyone involved in the Castle Partnership Academy Trust. We ensure that our staff have the best professional development opportunities, our families are supported and share our vision and that our children and young people become responsible, independent members of society.

News from our Academies

2015-16 Term Dates


Term dates for the 2015-2016 academic year are available below. All three academies will follow the same term dates. We are still working to finalise the dates of our PD Days and will update this information when it is available. Term Dates Below are term dates for next academic year. Please note that some of […]

 Severe Weather Arrangements 


As we approach the colder season, it is timely to send out our revised guidance regarding arrangements for schools on coping with severe weather this winter. The school will plan to remain open in all but exceptional circumstances. However on days when a significant fall of snow/icy road conditions may impede journeys to school – […]

30 Years of Service


 Mrs Mizon – 30 Years of Service
Well done Mrs Mizon for 30 years of service.  You are a credit to yourself and everyone here at Burton End.

Admissions Policy Consultation

Admissions Policy Consultation

From 1 November to 13 December 2016, the Castle Partnership Academy Trust is seeking your views about its proposed admissions policy for Place Farm Primary Academy for the 2018/2019 school year. Details of the propos…

Admission Policy Consultation


 Admissions Policy Consultation
From 1 November to 13 December 2016, the Castle Partnership Academy Trust is seeking your views about its proposed admissions policy for Burton End Primary Academy for the 2018/2019 school year. Details of the prop…

School Newsletter 21st October 2016


 School Newsletter 21st October

As we approach the end of the half-term I thought it would be good to reflect on all the fantastic learning that has gone on so far this year. As I show visitors around the school or carry out my regular ‘learning walks’ I am always impressed by the eagerness of our children to answer questions and talk about their learning.

Children in Reception have settled really well and are now fully part of the school. It is a delight to see them eating their lunch in the hall and then going out to play with their friends at lunchtime. I have enjoyed playing Ring a Roses with some of them over the last few weeks.
Children in year 6 are working extremely hard – this week they are working on analysing the language in the poem ‘The Highwayman’. Some of the year 6 children have been excellent play leaders for the Reception children – even designing certificates for the younger ones. Thanks must go to them for giving up their own lunchtime play to help younger pupils.

School Newsletter 16th September


School Newsletter 16th September Thank you so much to all of you who came to the parent meetings this week in order to get an overview of the year for your child. If you were unable to attend we have spare hand-outs available at the office or you …

Letter From The Head


September School Newsletter
Welcome back!
It was lovely to see many of you this morning with your children all relaxed, rested and excited about a new term at school.
Teachers were back in school last Thursday undertaking training activities and pre…

Rapid Rise in headline Measures at Castle Manor


Students at Castle Manor Academy are celebrating their GCSE results today. These results are the outcome of a significant amount of work for students and the staff that have supported them throughout their time at Castle Manor Academy. Headlines figures show a rapid rise in results compared with last year, increasing by 9% on the […]

Full Day Nursery and Lunch


Full Day Nursery and Lunch Services
Our Burton End Nursery is changing.  We will now be offering a full day nursery with lunch.  Please speak to a member of staff about our new nursery services.   

Year 2 Share Afternoon


Year 2 Share afternoonFor our topic this term, Jetting Off, each Year 2 class has been learning about different countries. 2C has been learning about Australia and 2G Mexico. We invited our families in to take part in art activities and to sample some …